Street Art in Vancouver Part 2

We recently returned to this Main Street neighbourhood of Vancouver to view of few more murals from the Vancouver Mural Fest. We come to this neighbourhood fairly often, but on this day we specifically came to view more murals since our last exploration of Vancouver Mural Fest in summer 2017. For more Street Art in Vancouver Part 1 click here.

“Flame Town” by Alex Joukov

This mural with seemingly random objects on fire was one of the more interesting murals we saw this day. The artist, Alex Joukov, indicated his piece was attempting to depict a dark and alarming scene using bright, cheery visuals.

“If Life is a Party” by William Liao

The artist of this mural, William Liao, grew up in Beijing, China after the Cultural Revolution. He specializes in portraits and landscapes. This was one of my favourite pieces of the day.

“Lady Mermaids” by Bronwyn Schuster, Tia Rambaran, Lani Imre and Amanda Smart

This is just one of the mermaids included in this mural. There are four mermaids in total that wrap around the building, one created by each of the artists and linked together in one underwater scene with various elements of the sea.

Free yourself” by Medianeras

This was one of the first murals we encountered as we walked down an alley from Quebec St past the people waiting in line for Earnest Ice Cream. It was one of the most impressive murals we saw that day as it looks three dimensional. Apparently there is a spot marked on the ground to best view this mural.

“Isome” by ONEQ

Just opposite the 3D mural above, is the mural by Japanese artist ONEQ (pronounced Oni-Q). The artist describes the mural as a mix of old Japanese comics and American comics’ pop styles.

Just a Thought” by Kashink

This mural is by a successful female street artist from Paris. It is located just outside Red Truck Brewery and was done free hand with the help of another artist from the Vancouver Mural Festival, Oksana. The brewery is usually also open for food, beer tastings and brewery tours.

“Interface” by Ali Bruce and Victoria Sieczka

This mural was a collaboration between two artists as part of the Vancouver Mural Fest. Ali Bruce is a visual artist, muralist and tattoo artist from a small town in Ontario who currently lives in Vancouver. Victoria Sieczka is also an artist living in Vancouver born to immigrant parents from Poland and the Ukraine. They were inspired by digital media to create this mural close to the new Emily Carr campus.

This mural is located right by the new Emily Carr campus, which is a top ranked Canadian art and design university.

A sculpture just outside the new Emily Carr campus. The sculpture is holding an umbrella which is quite fitting for rainy Vancouver.

“The Natural Law” by Faith XLVII

I spied this piece while walking along Main Street from a small staircase overlooking a parking lot in a back alley. This artist is known as one of the most prominent female street artists. Originally from South Africa, she started as a graffiti writer and now has works in over 39 countries.


3 thoughts on “Street Art in Vancouver Part 2

  1. Great murals. I’m always on the look out for murals. Have you joined the challenge on Monday from Sami at ColourfulWorld
    Your favourite is mine too 🙂


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