The Coquitlam Crunch

Trail Name: Coquitlam Crunch – basically a great stair-climber workout.

Distance (roundtrip): 4.5km

Time (roundtrip): 1 hour

Elevation: 244 metres

The Coquitlam Crunch is not a very scenic hike but it is a good cardio workout. The steepest part of the trail has about 500 steps which leads to an uphill meandering paved walkway to the top of the hill. Consider it the beginner training version of the Grouse Grind (3km trail that climbs more than 850m in North Vancouver, BC). Unlike the Grouse Grind, the Coquitlam Crunch is open year-round. You will see lots of people from the neighbourhood using the trail as their daily workout.

The trail is located in the suburban city of Coquitlam surrounded by houses and follows directly under the large power lines. Despite the urban location, bears and other wildlife have been spotted in the area.

Getting There:

  • The trail can be reached by car in about 35 to 45 minutes from Vancouver.
  • The trail can also be reached by bus #185 Lansdowne which can be picked up from the Coquitlam Central Station on the Millenium skytrain line.

Facilities: Gravel parking lot or street parking are available. Along the trail there is also an off-leash dog park, sports field, as well as basketball and tennis courts.


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