Hiking to Upper Goldstream Falls

Trail Name: Upper Goldstream Trail combined with the Arbutus trail

Distance (roundtrip): 3km

Time (roundtrip): 1.5 hours

Elevation: 60 metres

Upper Goldstream Falls is a waterfall located in Goldstream Provincial Park near Langford on Vancouver Island. We started the hike from the Goldstream Campground in Goldstream Provincial Park. The first thing we noticed walking down the steps to the trail was how lush and green the surrounding forest was. The mossy forest surrounding the Goldstream River was a stark contrast to the hike we did a few days earlier to the cross at the top of Mt. Tzouhalem which was more about the views of the Cowichan Valley.

The trail follows the length of the campground beside the Goldstream River but it feels like a world away, especially because we didn’t encounter any other hikers on this trail. By the time we reached the Goldstream Falls, there were only two others enjoying the pool below the waterfall. It made the waterfall like a secluded tropical paradise in Hawaii. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings while eating a quick snack before the climb back up the long staircase.

As the Upper Goldstream Falls trail was fairly short, we decided walk through the campground to the beginning of the Arbutus trail. This trail was fairly serene and quiet. The landscape changed significantly from the beginning of the trail which had huge mossy trees to the far end of the loop which featured the namesake Arbutus trees. The Arbutus trail also connects to the Goldmine and Prospector’s trails. The end of the Arbutus trail loop leads back to the entrance of the Goldstream Campground.

Getting There: There are only a few day-use parking spots within the gates of the Goldstream Campground but there are additional spots outside the gates.

Facilities: As the trail is right next to the Goldstream Campground, there are plenty of washrooms available.


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